Unlocking the Potentials of DeFi

Neural Tensor Dynamics is the Next-Gen AI Powered Staking Protocol on Bittensor

Become a part of the Decentralised Revolution where AI meets DeFi



Neural Tensor Dynamics is an innovator in DeFi technologies, leveraging the power of Bittensor to create an array of DeFi protocols that addresses the diverse needs of users.


Built to empower users to participate in the Bittensor network through robust staking solutions, ensuring network growth and earning attractive rewards.


NTD also operates highly reliable validator services, where users can have robust participation within the network both actively and passively.


Stake to Earn

Stake TAO with Neural Tensor Dynamics and earn up to 19% APR yield.


NEURAL mechanism


How it works?


Stake wTAO with Neural Tensor Dynamics


Unstake to

get wTAO + rewards


Vote on NTD Protocol with ntTao


Earn up to 19% APR by staking your wTAO.

Our Neural Tensor Mechanism will bridge wTAO to TAO and stake it for you.

In return you will be eligible for 1:1 ntTAO which you can use for
protocol governance.

Upon unstake request approval your ntTAO is burned, TAO is bridged back to wTAO and deposited into your wallet with the original wTAO amount combined with the yield rewards of up to 19%.

NTD stakers get a protocol revenue share in wTAO.

AI powered Dapps

Neural Dev AI

TAO powered no-code smart contract generator, smart-contract auditor, code debugger, code-to-words and documentation creator.

Neural Dev Tools

Integrate AI into your decentralized application using a single API via the Bittensor Network.

Market Sensei

AI crypto market analyst for chart analysis and technical analysis. AML features, blockchain analytics, on-chain live data. Powered by Bittensor.

The Roadmap

Phase 1

Token Launch

Introduction of $NTD - $TAO staking pool and validator services to empower the community to become stakeholders within the network while earning rewards (Testnet).

Implementation of basic Layer 2 infrastructure to increase scalability of the ecosystem.

Phase 2

Implementation of Layer 2 advanced blockchain solutions for improved efficiency in data storage.

Deployment of smart contracts to power up basic DeFi infrastructures on lending and borrowing.

Phase 3

Launch of Neural Chain and validators (Mainnet)

Expansion of lending pool to allow users have access to vast liquidity within the network Implementing more DeFi features and improvements of existing products within the ecosystem.

Onboarding projects into Neural Chain and hackathon programs to boost ecosystem growth.